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Come and join the movement!


Train with us in our easily accessible downtown club, which is the NEWEST TRX GYM IN BUDAPEST! We work with professional coaches, with 8+ years of coaching experience and keeping our trainings in the best mood, which not only makes them effective, but also becomes the highlight of the day.

Our workouts will be bilingual lessons, so if you have a Hungarian friend or acquaintance, you can come together, everyone will always know what and how to perform.

The mission of Powercat Training System is to make your daily life better through movement, community strength and hard work.
Your own well-being is the cornerstone of a happy life!

In our gym on Ráday Street we will start TRX / functional trainings and preventive spine training sessions (SpineX), and during the day we will deal with personal trainings and maternity groups soon.


Powercat Ráday

1092. Ráday utca 57.

+36 20 423 3678

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What do you gain if you train with us?

Painless life. Regular joint pain take terrible energies from you every day. The long-term solution is not to take painkillers, but a gradually built-up strengthening program that allows you to say goodbye to pain forever. We and our padawans already know this.

 You’ll get in good shape so everyday tasks like taking your luggage upstairs after shopping, a smooth flight of stairs, taking up your baby, opening a mason jar or a bottle of mineral water, or a little fitting around the house won’t be a problem, nor a longer gardening(how many stories have we heard, for example, that someone was injured while gardening)

Flexibility and free movement. If you strengthen yourself properly, you can also increase your flexibility with it, e.g. it is no problem to bend forward and dig up the ground with your fingers or even the palm of your hand (with your knees extended, of course).

Better endurance, strong physique, more self-confidence and sturdiness. This is not only useful for building relationships, but even when looking for a new job.

You don’t have to feel good to get started, but to feel good, you have to start!

Which class is for you?

There is a lot of overlap between our watch types. Essentially all of them are designed to make you stronger. There are minor differences depending on what we focus on.


If you start now or start moving again, this form of training is for you! It’s not easy at all, but the workload will be tailored to your abilities.

In addition to TRX, we learn about using a kettlebell, our own weight training and dumbbells, in a functional approach.

We will thoroughly present and teach you all the exercises, we will pay attention to you and it will never be like you don’t know what to do.


If you are in the „business” and are familiar with the basics, you certainly won’t be bored with this workout.

Fast-paced trainings with many tools, a thorough explanation, and a gradually heavier load.

If you are not sure if your endurance is good enough for this, start with the TRX basic and the coach will suggest moving on!



Spine training (SpineX)

We believe that the spine is healthy and painless if it is flexible and resilient. With us, you won’t plank yourself to death and please don’t expect group physiotherapy – we are planning a training program where, in addition to strengthening the whole body, our focus is on building a flexibly strong spine.

You can say goodbye to your pain and if you don’t have a performance goal, you’ll find an exceptional form of movement for everyday life here.


Tip: Click on the Insta icon and follow the coaches. Get to know them better, more people will also share content related to exercise and lifestyle.

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Don’t hesitate, apply!

payment options

We can currently accept two payment options in the Ráday Gym. 

1. Cash

2. Payment by bank transfer: Please transfer the price of the selected ticket to the account number below and enter your name and billing address in the notice. Account number: Powercat Kft – 11600006-00000000-97252661

Ticket prices

to all classes (TRX, Advanced, SpineX) 


1 occasion – 4.000 Ft (can be used only once)

2/week pass – 30.000 Ft (valid 30days from purchase date)

3/week pass – 35.000 Ft (valid 30days from purchase date)

Limitless – 45.000 Ft (you can come to all available class – valid 30days from purchase date)


Why is it good to work with a coach?

It is also a profession, it is not easy and it involves a lot of responsibilities.
Putting together a workout isn’t just about looking up on youtube and copying a couple of seemingly fancy exercises, then looking for a program on the net or in some fitness magazine… it is about making progress, planning and making sure it fits to you.

A great result requires a good program
Compiling an exercise program is not an easy task, there are a lot of factors to determine: the load (intensity) repetition, rest times, sets, pace, the right exercise for you, and so on. By varying the ones just listed, different training effects can be achieved.

You need to learn the exercises well
In many cases, a seemingly simple practice can be spoiled. You need to feel what you’re doing, and it’s not always easy at first.
Each exercise has key points to look out for. Did you think that with a simple push-up support you have to pay attention to at least 7 things at a time?

You need someone who motivates and kick your ass when needed
Your coach encourages and motivates you during your workout. The only chance is that you will always choose the more comfortable path.
An outside professional eye will often be better able to decide if you still have a spare or if that was enough for that day.

Join us and become the best version of you!

Get back your energy levels and feel the power.

Try our trainings – don’t hesitate so much 🙂

Do you have any questions? Just write or call us.

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