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We are a small gym offering small group trainings / semi private trainings. We know our clients and put focus on your goals not pushing our expectations. Buy a monthly pass for half price to make sure you are on the right place.


offering functional bodybuilding and strength gainz

A program designed to glow you up – only for women

A total body shake and a relief for your spine

Master bodyweight and weight excersises to get strong without pain

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Regular strength training is one of the best investments.
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Why choose Powercat training?
There are a lot of gyms with more machines, more comfortable and luxurious changing rooms, beautiful counter girls and a variety of smoothies to choose from.
Powercat rooms are not luxury, we don’t sell any smoothies and our trainers will welcome you when you arrive. But we know something that the big halls don’t:
We know our athletes. We know your needs, your injuries, your abilities. We know what it takes to get closer to your goal, because we care. That’s what we focus on ?
Our goal is not to provide luxury and comfort, but to guarantee that if you want to feel better, be more muscular, stronger, fitter, we will find the safest way for you.
Our training sessions are held exclusively by professional trainers who have years of measurable experience and a mind sharpened by numerous trainings. We know what we do. We love to do this and we are successful at it. 

trx gym


If you are interested and  want to learn even more, call us or send us a message. We are here to consult and help you to choose the best fit for your lifestyle.

bbp light

A well-balanced mix of strength and hypertrophy. If you want to get stronger and learn the basic barbell and kettlebell movements, this is the right choice for you. 

trx training

TRX training is just cool. We can keep saying that it’s functional but it is fun and shakes the total body. You will feel fantastic after a nice and hard TRX class and your spine and core muscles will say a huge thank you afterwards. 


A training designed to get the be(a)st out of women. If you are struggling to grow some peaches or legs, or want to train with women just like you – this is your pick.


FEE is very similar to BBP LIGHT in terms of strength and hypertrophy focus. The main difference is the exercise mastery which comes from deeper understanding of movements and breathing patterns.


„I consider you reliable and prepared, who has no problem sitting on the bench again and learning something to help his team. This is why I look up to you, I consider you an authentic person, and I trust you to the extreme that what you say is good for me, and I do it, because I see that you strive to be the best possible coach and get the best out of those who join you goes Besides, you have a very pleasant personality, I think we get along well, you handle people, hysteria, and special requests well. ?
I feel like you’re motivating me well, if you say there’s another, I’ll believe it and start doing it. :D””

Eva Paszli

„This is exactly what I wanted. Even the slightest effort made my waist collapse. As a result of the training, my load capacity improved almost immediately, my posture became better, I became aware of many things related to my muscles and I feel that little by little my muscles are getting stronger and tighter. The place is very well equipped and friendly. I like that it is not big, not flashy, but well thought out and professional. The atmosphere is good, everyone is motivated, I like the small group formation and the individual training plans that are possible within it, the special attention given to everyone. It is nice to be able to ask for and receive advice on individual questions related to exercise and lifestyle. I like András’s competence, dedication, wonderful body culture, and directness. Two suitably guided fitness training sessions a week mean a lot, my well-being has improved a lot in a month. 

Timea Laszlo


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