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Hi, I’m coach David Sarai from Hungary, Europe. My plan is to show to more people  how we work in our small hungarian gym and how we transform lifes to the better each and every day.

IMPORTANT: This website is hungarian, so when you go to the menu, you will see crazy words, but it’s not a fake site, just the  language might be weird to read (and speak) 


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 We need to talk…

I will be brutally honest with you. I am not someone who will tell you what you want to hear. I can’t promise you fat loss and muscle growth within 4 weeks or so. I am not even in partnership with any supplement companies and I am not a fan of any trendy diet. I will talk about responsibility, sacrifice and changes you have to adopt to your life. If you need a quick and easy button, just close this page – there is nothing for you here.

What I can promise is a frame of new habits which will make and keep you healthy and shredded for the rest of your life. These habits are the key points of the MUSCLE BEHAVIOR. Of course the program is based on a diet pattern, called carb cycling and contains a completely unique training program – but I will not lie: it probably won’t work for you if you are not putting in the time and effort. 




Why am I doing this?

OK, I promised to be honest. I do it because I want to make an impact and somehow to be heard. I am horrified by the lies of the fitness and supplement industry lies. I throw up from the following headlines:

„become shredded in 12 weeks”
„loose 30lb of fat in just 8 weeks”
„stop eating less – just take 3 of this pill and it will turn body fat into fuel”

I would really kick some butts… This is not marketing. I. believe that marketing is about helping people to find what helps them to achieve their goals, not to lie them. I want to make a change and put my finger on habits, hard work, responsibility and sacrifice. You can have the world’s greatest training plan in your hands if you don’t sacrifice your PS4 hours for popping up in the gym and eat pizza with beer 3 times/week.

I really tried every possible diet- some of the, worked really well by the way… but I never had long lasting results. I could train every day or a 3 days split, never mind..  I never felt like I am looking just fine. I was always in the middle of crazy workout feeling really tired and all my joints hurt. And I was hungry af!



While I am writing these words I look into the mirror and I feel confident. I know I look just fine now and although I have a beautiful family I enjoy being recognized on the street by strangers. I want you to feel the same for the first time in your life. Oh, the best part – I know that my habits are supporting me to maintain this result and never yoyo back myself to the starting point.

Since I work as a trainer I asked my athletes and clients about their real motivation. Their deepest desire, what the hell they want from me. 90% revealed that they want to feel themself good when they are naked. Even when the lights are on. And you know what? I felt the same. And I have to tell you when you aim high, sacrifice the present pleasures to future results and finally get there where you wanted to be, that’s fucking awesome! And God only knows what is the limit to this progress.


  • You need to have at least 1.5hrs/day for yourself every damn day. Really. We won’t train for that long every day, but you need to count calories, prepare food, walk and learn. It takes time.
  • Your goal is to look significantly better and be much healthier on the long run. 
  • You can follow rules, and stick to a plan and be consistent. If you always break rules and walk your own path, this program is gonna be only a waste of time for you.
  •  You are not afraid of hard work and pop up in the gym among other people. That’s crucial. If you are shy and feel uncomfortable – that’s fine, this feeling will go away in a couple of days as you get used to it. Everybody acts like an idiot the first time they do something. Practice makes the master. 
  • You can use you cellphone no only for talking and scrolling instagram – you can download and learn a new app, take photos and videos and use a preferred chat system to talk with me.
  • You understand the word sacrifice and willing to sacrifice today’s time, effort and physical work for the better you in the upcoming years.
  • You don’t have problem with high protein and low carb meals. I don’t recommend this program for vegans and vegetarians simply because it takes too much protein for them to consume.
  • This program contains fasting so pregnancy is a reason for exclusion.

What’s waiting for you

inside the program?

muscle behavior


KEEPING YOU ON THE TRACK – Everybody needs support and sometimes some kicks from behind. I will do it.


MUSCLE GAIN AND JOINT MAINTENANCE – This is the only way to make muscles and bulletproof joints. Resistance training makes you look good in the present and keeps you in shape later.


LONG TERM DIET STRATEGY – If you want results to last you need to have a diet strategy. It is not only a diet. It is something to stay with on the long run.


BASIS OF LONG-TERM SUCCESS – The hardest part because it literally changes your life in some aspect. But without changing habits, every achievement is designed to collapse

The power of the group


 Altough the whole program is personalized to a high degree there are a lot of common things to discuss with others. In my previous carbcycling groups for example the Messenger group was a powerful motivator. 

So if there is a community, where every people is there to achieve the same goal it empowers every member of the group. You will meet interesting people and talk to them – a lot of wisdom is coming out from these discussions, as well as practical help and recepies for example.

In the Facebook group we will build a solid foundation of recognizing habits, create new ones and changing bad habits to programs that make you feel better than before. This is the essence of this Muscle Behavior Program.

How we do that? By weekly tasks and challenges which will keep you and the others motivated while transforming your life to more meaningful and healthy. 


Individualized Training Plan with the TrainHeroic app

This app has great features, works easily and I can program every detail inside for you. After our discussion you just open up the application on your smartphone and you will see:

  • training plan
  • each excersise with video and instructions
  • excersise history and working weights
  • working maxes and total volume in pounds or kilos
  • session comments and so on..

Never mind if you want to use gym equipment or you want to train at home – this app will be your best friend and I can pretty much program for you the best possible training plan – or at least I try to 🙂



Let’s talk about money

How much does the muscle behavior cost for you? Well, it depends on your needs. I use really competitive prices because my primary focus is still in-person trainings. I don’t like trials and 0$ offers because my goal is to find people with their purpose in mind not someone who is searching for free workouts and deals. 

Here are some options and if you don’t find what you’re searching for, drop me an email to [email protected]


Payment options and application

1. Apply for online 1on1 consultation by filling the form below

Let’s see if we can work together. I am not an English professor but I think I can speak well enough to introduce myself and ask you about your specific goals, needs and opportunities on Skype or WhatsApp. If you don’t want to speak or have 0 time for this, I understand and I can send you a list of questions and wait for your reply by email.

The consultation is FREE. No obligations.

2. Payment options

 If you decide to work with me I can give you more options to pay the price for the program:

  • Paypal
  • Revolut
  • Stripe

3. If you pay for 3 months in advance, you get 20% discount because I really appreciate trust and eager to serve it.

4. Start

After the payment arrives I need 3-4 working days maximum to prepare the plans for you but you will immediately will get the link to the Facebook community and you can write me anytime there.

Consultation is FREE. If you are serious about your goals, apply today!



Write me and I will get in touch with you within 24hrs. Promise. The consultation is free so you have nothing to lose. If you decide we are not going to work together, you can still get some good tips from me 🙂 Fill this form or write me DM on Instagram.


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